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Author Grenčík, Juraj
Affiliation Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Žilina, Slovak Republic
E-mail juraj.grencik@fstroj.uniza.sk
Author Galliková, Jana
Affiliation Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Žilina, Slovak Republic
E-mail jana.gallikova@fstroj.uniza.sk
Author Volna, Peter
Affiliation sféra, a.s. Bratislava, Slovak Republic
E-mail peter.volna@sfera.sk
ISSN printed 1733-8670
URI https://repository.scientific-journals.eu/handle/123456789/2640
Abstract This study proposes a new methodology for the accurate risk assessment of railway freight wagons that has real-world applications in the operation and maintenance of freight vehicles. The paper specifically focuses on the analysis of posterior reliability calculation methods using Weibull’s reliability model to calculate reliability indicators by which the probability of occurrence of individual failures can be estimated. The consequences of failure are calculated through an existing system from the General contract used for freight wagons (AVV). The formula for calculating the risk value is based on a classical risk theory, where the risk is defined as a combination of the occurrence of a negative phenomenon and the severity of its consequence. The reasoning for this approach was in an effort to maintain simplicity and clarity for potential users in practice. This is based on the information gathered in examining the current state of risk management in the sector of railway vehicles in Slovakia. The data used for risk calculations were taken from a maintenance workshop in Slovakia to provide a realistic picture of the failure rates of freight wagons. The proposed methodology uses historical data for prediction of reliability for the next years. Based on the reliability being a function of time, the risk associated with it is variable, increasing with time. These findings have broader implications for the maintenance systems taken appropriate maintenance actions necessary with respect to increased risk.
Pages 17-22
Publisher Scientific Journals Maritime University of Szczecin, Zeszyty Naukowe Akademia Morska w Szczecinie
Keywords risk assessment
Keywords freight wagons
Keywords reliability methods
Keywords maintenance
Keywords European Union Agency for Railways
Title A novel methodology of risk assessment for railway freight wagons
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  3. Commission Regulation (EU) No. 445/2011 of 10 May 2011 on a system of certification of entities in charge of maintenance for freight wagons and amending Regulation (EC) No. 653/2077.
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  17. Zvolenský, P., Stuchlý, V., Grenčík, J. & Poprocký, R. (2014) Evolution of maintenance systems of passenger and freight wagons from the ECM certification point of view. Communications: scientific letters of the University of Žilina 16, 3A, pp. 40–47.
ISSN on-line 2392-0378
Language English
Funding No data
Figures 2
Tables 5
DOI 10.17402/435
Published 2020-09-16
Accepted 2020-09-24
Recieved 2019-10-11

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