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  • Pawlak, Andrzej (Scientific Journals Maritime University of Szczecin, Zeszyty Naukowe Akademia Morska w Szczecinie, )
    The article presents the characteristics of the new generation of light sources – LEDs; these sources generate white light with various spectral distribution that could pose a potential hazard to people’s sight. The impact of electric light sources on human health, divided into ultraviolet radiation hazard, infra-red radiation hazard and visible radiation hazard – taking into account the so-called AMD (age-related macular degeneration), has been discussed in this paper and the laws on photobiological safety have been presented. The New Approach Directive and a related harmonized standard, which is the fundamental document relating to the evaluation of photobiological hazard, have been specified; related documents established in Poland have also been presented. Based on the results of the author’s research and a review of the literature, the paper ultimately concludes that LED sources (both individual ones and modules) are safe for the user in terms of photobiological safety, as long as they are used as intended.

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